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CORNIC Construcciones y Contratas

We are a company operating throughout Spain and willing to work abroad. We have developed different projects in Madrid, Segovia, Guadalajara, Bilbao, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Gran Canaria y Constanza (Romania). Not only we build new projects but we also specialize on restoration of buildings damaged by the passage of time, adapting them to the new needs of customers

New buildings


Our staff is highly specialized and has the legal competences to start and finish any kind of new building project The continuous advising from our technicians guarantees the best results to the customer. Either for rearranging homes, offices or in global restoration of buildings you will always have the best ideas, advice and delays.



Rehabilitation is our main activity. Cornic, SL is specialized in all different works involved in rehabilitation: Façades, structures, waterproofing of roofs and terraces, roof building. We are highly skilled on those fields, bringing our experience and effectiveness. On the field of maintenance, we offer you a wide experience on works related to maintenance of houses, offices and other buildings, and in emergency problem solving.

We have chosen an international expansion strategy in order to maintain our competitivity, capacity of investment and growth in the future.


CORNIC Construcciones y Contratas

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